Ethan Reid, 23, of Scottsville Charged With Murder Of Kayla Hodges

ethan reid scottsville ky

Pictured above, a rough looking Ethan Reid, 23, is charged with murder in the shooting death of Kayla Hodges, 20, with their child in the house during the incident.

Allen County Sheriff’s Department responded to a call after 5pm on Monday to 395 Huff Lane and found Kayla Hodges shot in the back. Hodges was running away from Reid because of a domestic dispute and was shot while trying to escape.

Reid was pretty intoxicated according to a witness on scene.

This Facebook post was made on Ethan Reid’s Facebook page right before 5pm the day of the murder:

Sorry guys. I’m truly not this bad of a person. I’ve been pushed to this point over of time. I’m dissapointed in myself too. I could have been so much more. It’s so sad. I’m a terrible person overall. Learn from my mistakes. Just know this was never my intentions. I love all of you. I’m just not meant to be happy. Ever. I’m sorry. I love you all. Xoxo- Ethan Reid<3

Reid is located in Allen County Detention Center. This is the fifth homicide in 12 months in Scottsville.